Pielow Consulting

Fire Protection Engineering Services

Bob Pielow has over 37 years of developing code compliance strategies and fire protection systems for a wide range of complex projects including high rise, stadium, arena and large scale assembly, performance arts centers, museums, commercial, residential and health care. His comprehensive knowledge of all the major codes utilized in the United States, including the new International Building Code, allows solutions to be developed and successfully negotiated with the local building and fire officials. This integrated approach allows the architectural design unprecedented freedom to pursue the program and design goals of the project while meeting the requirements of the local codes. Coordination of the mechanical and fire protection aspects of the design with the architectural and other team members insures a complete life safety package to protect the public.  Bob also provides consulting on issues relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  He also provides expert witness services for building code, accessibility, and fire protection issues.

Bob  Pielow's approach allows owners to obtain approval from various authorities having jurisdiction in a cost effective manner. He has obtained approvals from building officials, fire officials, the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Occupancies, and other governmental agencies.  In addition, Pielow Consulting established HUBZone Certification on 4-24-2014.

Bob lives in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, and travels frequently nationally and internationally as needed for projects.

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